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Tigerfire (Guangzhou) Lighting Technology Corporation

LED flashlights, LED desk lamps, LED emergency lights, LED lanterns, rechargeable searchlights

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  • Phone: +86 20 81961630
  • Fax: +86 20 81961113
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    No. 134, Xihua Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China
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Company Profile
Tigerfire (Guangzhou) Lighting Technology Corporation is a state-owned lighting manufacturer in China with its history that could be dated back to 1921 when a Chang'an Metalware Factory was set up to manufacture flashlights. Nearly a century later, Tigerfire Lighting remains committed to building high quality flashlights with the most cutting-edge technology, rugged durability and superior performance.

The company's flashlight family consists of rechargeable aluminum LED flashlights and dry battery powered flash lights with classic style iron housings, plastic housings, and plastic/iron housings. Tigerfire's portable lighting products also include LED desk lamps, LED emergency lights, LED lanterns and rechargeable search lights. Tiger Head, granted China Famous Trade Mark by SAIC China, is the company's flashlight brand that has been driving Tigerfire to stay dedicated to delivering the highest quality and best value products to its customers.

The progress in LED technology has been breathtaking during the past decade. In an effort to bring to the market a variety of sustainable lighting options, Tigerfire Lighting has been continually expanding its energy efficient product portfolio to include Bibo series general lighting products e.g. LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED troffers, LED under cabinet lights, LED downlights, LED panel lights, LED ceiling lights, LED night lights, LED high bay lights, and LED street lights.

Operating out of 200,000 square meter manufacturing facilities that're ISO9001, ISO14001 and IQNET accredited, Tigerfire is well positioned to capture growth opportunities by leveraging a unique mix of resources, industry experiences and sophisticated equipment.
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